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浪人 | ELEPHANT • VISIONARY • ARIES, ALL AIR SIGN ENERGY On occasion, we get some news, information, or a thought pops in mind (usually out of nowhere) that makes us feel our future differently. You may have felt yesterday that a new potential future has opened up to you, & how beautiful that energy is! The Star card is your reminder, especially as you embark upon this new road, to sustain the Fool card’s innocence and faith toward the unknown. That willingness to be open, to receive, to experience, to learn, will take you all the way. For extended or personal readings, #linkinbio #tarot #dailytarot #ronintarot #tarotreader #meditation #selflove #selfcommunication #RONIN 🌙🌹


Lamb in Shiso Panko Crust with sweet potato mash #lunch #lamb #sweetpotato #restaurant #ronin Restorāns Ronin. Brīvības iela 31, 00-24 www.sushi.lv


浪人 | BLACK EGG • UNREQUITED TRUTHS • SCORPIO, FIRE SIGN ENERGY *Apologies for the late post!* Yesterday, you may have felt very strongly about something (or someone), only to say something & find that those feelings are not mutual. Even if this would not normally be rough for you, it certainly was yesterday. The direct energy of the #LibraMoon delivered the news in a very unaccommodating way. Five of Cups shows how in your feelings you may truly feel right now, which is certainly understandable. However, it also boasts a blessing in disguise. Instead of drowning yourself in cups (or bottles) of regret (or alcohol), ask yourself what is unblocked now that it is over with. Find the real truth in the core of the matter, it waits for you inside the Black Egg, ready for you to embrace it. For extended or personal readings, #linkinbio #tarot #dailytarot #ronintarot #tarotreader #meditation #selflove #selfcommunication #RONIN 🌙🌹