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We had the pleasure of hosting @byshavonne as part of VSCO Open Studio. Her series of images explore the ideas and emotions behind rejection. Link in bio.


View distinctive photo series by three different photographers. Share your own creativity with #miniseries on VSCO for a chance to be featured. Link in bio. Images by @anais_southiphong, @austinsteppey, and @hanchenxu


The use of shadows in photography can create texture, layers, and depth. See different uses of shadows and ways to incorporate them into your next picture. Link in bio. Images by @austy_smith, @gupaiva, and @apodrebarac


From New York City to Berlin, Germany discover photos documenting the transfixing installations by famed artist James Turrell. Link in bio. Images by @k_zembera, @ddent, and @_yylee


Create muted looks with gentle shifts in tone. Explore three tips for editing with low contrast. Images by @alexaptsiauri, @alexleav, and meganmwhitney


Next time you are out making photos try embracing those bright rays of summer sun and harsh shadows with these four tips for shooting in the midday sun. Link in bio. Images by @jen__kari


See beautifully decorated spaces on our Interiors Collection. Upload your photos to VSCO and use #interiorsonvsco for a chance to be featured. Link in bio. Images by @hanghosn, @aleksander.jezierski, and @elizabethanc


Explore everyday scenes from cities across the globe on the Citysong Collection. Link in bio. Images by @byandrew.co, @catalinaymuchasemes, and @apuriru


Photographer @giovigraf finds beauty in form and light seen in the surrounding landscapes near her home in Basel, Switzerland and from images captured during her travels. Link in bio.


See how @emmapure_ uses her collection and the VSCO community as an endless source of inspiration and continued development of her creative voice. Link in bio. Images by @whighfield and @deunivory


See how @nicolebruneski developed her photographic style by using old lens filters passed down from her father and grandfather. Link in bio.


See doodles, drawings, and designs on the Sketch Collection. Tag your drawings with #Sketch on VSCO for a chance to be featured. Link in bio. Image by @paulnoble93