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Another architectural marvel. Checked into the Armani hotel in Dubai! In the tallest building in the world!!! I’m not dreaming big enough! They built paradise in a dessert!


I always wanted to be an architect growing up. So, imagine a man with great vision seeing this wonder of a man with greater vision. God always has something to inspire us higher. Enjoyed my stay at Marina Bay Sands. The infinity pool is on the 57th floor! WOW! On to Dubai.


Hello from Singapore!!!


Hello from Australia! Nothing like morning sunrise prayer! #hillsongconf





I’ll never forget this night! In the middle of all her struggles she flew all the way to DC to present this award to me. She walked out on that stage and shocked the audience. We all had so much hope seeing her that night. If you haven’t seen WHITNEY the documentary, please do. I also think that everyone who has a dream should see it. Unfortunately, if you don’t know who you are before your dream comes true, it’s almost impossible to figure out who you are while inside of it. Take the time to get to know yourself while you’re waiting. May God bless you and God rest her beautiful soul.


I’m heading to Johannesburg to celebrate the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela at the @GlblCtzn Festival: Mandela 100. Join me on Dec 2nd and #BeTheGeneration to end extreme poverty. Learn how to earn your free tickets at link in bio. #GlobalCitizen


How cool is this?! Acrimony was trending and went to #1 on rentals and downloads. I love the conversation that it’s opened up about healing anger, betrayal, and moving on or literarily drowning in your own pain. It’s also about perspective. You watched the story. Who do you think was right and who do you think was wrong? I have my opinions but I wanted the audience members to be the therapist and make their own choice. That’s why you don’t see her in the film.


Hello from Fiji!!!


THANKS!!! I love how y’all have my back!! The critics say one thing but your support speaks the truth!!


Man this wiped me out!!! So powerful!!!