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I've been using the @djiglobal #mavicair air for the past 6 months now and I've been able to put it through the most intense conditions all around the world. I can confidently say it's quickly become one of my favourite drones. Watch the full video to find out why. (Link in bio) ALSO I'm giving away a MAVIC AIR FLY MORE COMBO! How to enter: 1. Follow me 2. Tag 3 friends :) Announcing the winner 18/07/20 🎉🔥🌵 #nowitsepic


I've been head down working non stop here in Tel Aviv the past couple days working on some projects but I'm so excited because I’m wrapping up 2 new videos and starting a new adventure somewhere I’ve never explored before! (Try to guess where! 🙏🏽) ---- Also, this is Something I read on my friend @chrissoll ‘s page that I really resonated with and I felt like I should share with you guys. To be alive, as a human, in this time, is nothing short of a miracle. The way the mind gets used to everything, rendering what was once special and new to something mundane is a force that needs to be fought against, or else one dips into a bored and ungrateful perspective of existence. I mean, we’re suspended in the unfathomable vastness of space, spinning around an unfathomably hot ball of energy, looking out of a biological monkey suit sustained by billions of micro organisms we call the self… What about this is normal? Awe and wonder are states that can be reignited with practice in awareness, and once an appreciation of the unreal and miraculous nature of this life reenters your daily state of being, life becomes infinitely more interesting and enjoyable. Stay curious, stay open and stay humble to what you don’t know. Remember as the island of our knowledge grows, so does the shoreline of our ignorance.


The best way to experience one of the 7 wonders of the world 🚁😸 From eating live scorpions to exploring the urban downtown of Beijing it's been a wild adventure and I can't wait for you guys to see this vlog! @visit_beijing #GWH2 #visitbeijing Wearing @suspiciousantwerp


Spent the past week in Bali with @karmagawa checking out the schools and communities they've helped develop. Such an amazing experience seeing how we can massively help people less fortunate then us first hand. 🙏🏽💙 Also got to check out this incredible pool with some awesome people 💦💙🐬


Reflecting on the past year and came across my trip with @ubyuniworld where we took a cruise ship through Paris and the rest of France. Such an amazing experience. 🙏🏽#travelforyou


The kolder collection sold out in @mvmt record time! This project far surpassed my expectations and it feels so good to give back in a way that allows you guys to get involved and support my work 💙 WE HAVE 2 MORE WATCHES LEFT AND WE ARE DOING A GIVE AWAY! Here's how to enter: Tag 2 friends below🌴 Follow @sam_kolder and @mvmt Winner will be announced on 6/18.


I'm currently on a rooftop in Beijing looking over the skyline reflecting on this project with @mvmt and how it came to life. I didn't want this to just be a watch or another material possession for people to buy but I wanted it to convey a message. A physical item people could carry around with them as a reminder about life and how incredibly lucky each and every one of us is to experience this short amount of time on earth. And thats what I hope this can be to you. 💙 Sales are going crazy and there's a limited amount left! Link in my bio to buy :) Thank you to every one of you that's supported me from the start. None of this would have been possible without your interest and support. 💙 Music by @kasbomusic


Last year @mvmt asked me a question. "If there was one message I would like to share with the world, what would it be?" Full video linked in bio 💙 Right now we are giving early access to my followers to buy the collection before it goes public on the 6th. Link is in my story! Love you guys!


I've been working on a project helping shed light on what is happening with poaching and the ivory trade in South Africa for the past couple of weeks. Excited to show you guys the video. ✌🏽️💙 wearing - @suspiciousantwerp


I split up from my group of friends when hiking up these mountains and ended up walking over this ridge line to see the most incredible light rays I've ever seen. No wind, no noise complete silence with this view and no one else. One of my favourite moments from my recent South Africa trip. <>>


The past couple of weeks have been wild for me. Started off my second time in South Africa with my first ever Burn experience at AfrikaBurn followed by my first backpacking trip through some of the wildest landscapes I've ever seen in my life. Now I'm sitting back and relaxing, reflecting on all the craziness here at @birkenheadhouse enjoying a cup of tea overlooking the ocean. 💙 @theroyalportfolio


Normality is a paved road. It's comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow. - Vincent Van Gogh Back in Capetown this week! Heading to AfrikaBurn for the next 3 days and I couldn't be more excited! 🔥🦏