Straight out of Goliath 👉🏼 @officialgoliathsn Goliath Women’s Physique & Goliath Powerlifting-67.5kg @5starnutritionfortbliss 🌟🤙🏼 @lucky_ifbb 🦍

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That 406 from Thursday. I’ll take it. PR at a low body weight. Still chasing that 423........... #my5starsummer


“What’s your next move?” Grow. I gotta freakin grow 😂 All I can say is you’ll see me on a stage again before you see me back on the platform 💕🧜🏼‍♀️ #my5starsummer


Mermaid thaaaaangs in Vegas 🧜🏼‍♀️ #my5starsummer


Today was, an experience. Cannot be that upset do to everything that’s transpired in the last month. Finishing the day with a 981 at a 148 bw which was enough to land a 2nd place finishing to a whopping 1st place total. To my team, it’s always a good time with you all; spending time together, doing what we enjoy, together! @myo_goliath and @tonydiaz27 make all this happen, so thankful to be a part of such a solid ass team. And to my boyfriend, who’s the REAL mvp because I’m a fucking disaster every single damn i time I compete. He holds it down for me, even when I don’t want him to, and when I don’t think I need him to 😂🤙🏼 vegas has been interesting. Like Forreal.




Days before Vegas and I’m just trying to relax. Loved spending my afternoon with my girls @psalms139_imperfectlybeautiful & @samara_riemer (plus @mr.phillipjohnson) #goliathstrength #goliathwomensphysique #goliathquality #148ordie #mermaidhairdontcare #idontlift #my5starsummer


Days out and exhausted. We almost there though. Keeping it simple. Keeping it savage.


Found this rock outside of work this evening. Sometimes God gives little reminders when you need them the most. This little thing is what I call a sign. Signs everywhere. ❤️


How I feel being less than 2 weeks out from the national platform. Tunnel vision. Focused. Finishing strong. #5starnutritionfortbliss #goliathstrength


Forever caught between wanting to look good and wanting to perform well.


💕 Just missing the woman who gave me this big heart of mine. I spend a couple hours each weekend on the phone with both my parents. I wish I was closer to home sometimes, I definitely miss the small town simple life. My family will always be my biggest strength and my biggest weakness.