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One of the most well-known attributes of Southeast Asian traditional outfit is a distinctively beautiful length of cloth called Sarong. Combined with ethnic accessories and woven fabric as an outer, this outfit emits sparkling radiance and perfectly representing the colorful energy of Asia. What do you think about it? #AsianGames2018 #EnergyofAsia #WonderfulIndonesia Photo source: @asiangames2018


Came straight out of a fairy-tale, Sumba's breathtaking waterfalls will bring your fantasy comes true just like it does to @her_journeys. Is the view similar to your childhood dreamland, too? #Sumba #Indonesia #WonderfulIndonesia


In Weh Island, Aceh, dreams do come true. The blue sky and pristine beaches will comfort you with its gentle touch like it does to @robertovoltaphoto. When was the last time your dream ever comes true? #WehIsland #Aceh #Indonesia #WonderfulIndonesia


Delve deep underground and reveal the wonderful mystery within Kelapa Kampit Open-Pit Lead Mining just like @alisonaliceally did. #KelapaKampit #Belitung #Indonesia #WonderfulIndonesia


The view of sunrise is one magical exhilaration in Bromo, East Java. Dare to climb to the top and see it for yourself? #MountBromo #EastJava #Indonesia #WonderfulIndonesia Photo by @cannonmatt


Get ready to enter the bat cave! Prepare for the spectacular showdown inside the mystical Bangkang Cave, Lombok in West Nusa Tenggara. When was the last time you see a magical view such as this one?#BangkangCave #Lombok #Indonesia #WonderfulIndonesia Photo by @wanderersandwarriors


The mesmerizing twilight scenery from the top of Padar Island looks like it came straight from your wildest fantasy. Can you find @visualsofjulius in this picture? #PadarIsland #LabuanBajo #Indonesia #WonderfulIndonesia


The volcanic eruption from Mt. Agung delivers a rare sight that can be viewed from far away in a clear sky. @asssontherun was spending the night in Amed beach, 40 km away from the mighty mountain and witnessed how it spewed ashes a few days ago. Have you been to Amed beach before? #WonderfulIndonesia #MountAgung #Bali #Indonesia


Sumur Gumuling is a distinctive underground mosque with many wonders. Located within the same area as Taman Sari Water Castle, it holds a unique interior designed for acoustic purposes. Come make your way to admire this iconic heritage of the Yogyakarta empire, just like @jessicalayarda did! #WonderfulIndonesia


Depart at early morning to Borobudur Temple to witness the magical view of sunrise from inside of this magnificent complex just like @phineloves did. Have you put this amazing place as your destination list? #WonderfulIndonesia


Would you love to experience stargazing moment in Wae Rebo, just like this picture by @vander_armando ? It is located on the highlands of Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, where some people call it “the most beautiful village in Indonesia”! #WonderfulIndonesia


Tolire Lake is a brilliant blue volcanic lake on the island of Ternate, North Maluku province. There are many legends revolving around this five hectares lake. Excited to visit this beautiful place like @adityaspermana ? #WonderfulIndonesia