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2018 NSCA Personal Trainer of the Year; Owner at PUSH Private Fitness in Toluca Lake, CA. B.S. Kinesiology; IOC Diploma in Sports Nutrition; CSCS

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Yesterday marked the 25th anniversary of meeting my wife. Technically, it was her first workout with some 24 year-old trainer she was sure she’d switch from in short order. 6 months later, the Northridge Earthquake ultimately caused us to become roommates. In another 8 years we’d get married, and now that’s been nearly 16 years ago. Over the years we’ve had 7 cats, 6 dogs, lost all of our remaining parents & grandparents, and watched 5 nieces be born and grow up into amazing young women. We’ve had extraordinary experiences...two Oscar wins, 2 BAFTA awards, Personal Trainer of the Year award, and graduating from the IOC Sports Nutrition program in Lausanne, Switzerland. We’ve been to Royal Premieres of two Bond movies in London, and to world powerlifting championships in Prague. We bought a house, started a business and got married. Our 25 years together has been an incredible journey. The highest highs and the lowest lows. But through it all we had each other. Whether we were on a red carpet or at the bedside of a dying loved one, we were there for each other. I can honestly say we enjoy each other’s company more than ever. May you be as blessed as we are, to marry your best friend and have a long, amazing ride together! I love you @kblanders rock my world!


In addition to receiving the PTOY Award last night, I was honored to be given this @nscaofficial challenge coin by my friend @robertlinkul Thanks again Rob! Bear Down!!


Sometimes its fun to be the star, and not just @kblanders “+1” 😉 @nscaofficial #nscanationalconference #2018personaltraineroftheyear


Staring down 50 with @matt_smiley Power soup providing a little inspiration!


Sometimes after a long day, you need a little Funk on the ride home....


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@nscaofficial 2018 Personal Trainer of the Year award came today.


#tbt 3 years ago today we brought Tucker home! #tuckerthewonderdog


Happy 4th!!


Gym twins


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Playing around with our new Inertia Wave with @olunriley & @n2fitn3ss