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Dirt defines the journey.Rear tyre defines the struggle. One needs to hold on and keep the balance while the journey lasts. You will have all the time to rest when it's over. . Photo owner please DM Caption by: @lakkkshhh


The sun, the sea, a spirit wild and free, runs the adrenaline inside me. . Photo credit: @thethumpingnomad Caption credit: @samragyic


You don’t have to be a cowboy to ride off into the sunset. Race the rain, ride the wind, chase the sunset! . Photo credit: @khan.isa Caption: @xerota1ent


Bikes are conversation starters. Perhaps, They're as much a part of a biker as his clothes are. You don't just own a bike, it owns you. It is who you are. . Photo credit: @om_santi_santi Caption By: @strokesandsoliloquies


U see that look. It's fearlessness that resides within us. Ride till u die so shall we. . Photo credits: @world_of_rishi_ Caption by: @samragyic


If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. . Photo hero: @namorato Caption Suggested by: @xerota1ent


Only riders know true meaning of freedom for they have travelled , without regrets,without remorse. ✊ . Photo credit: @namorato Caption: @samragyic


❀️ When a person travels, they discover who they really are, what they can achieve, and so much more. The moment a persons senses are brought alive, an adventure starts to be a success. The travel bug bites hard, but motorcycle travel bites deep. . Photo Credits: @paint_broi Caption Hero: @xerota1ent


Don't just cover the distance. Feel it, live it, the way you would like to relive it in your memories. . Photo Hero: @world_of_rishi_ Caption Hero: @lakkkshhh


Wallpaper Material! . Photo stud: @world_of_rishi_


Lovely! 😍 . Photo hero: @sergiogoyberg πŸ“Έ @fotosmdc


Suggest a caption please! . Photo hero: @kiran_madesh