Allister Bernal

In the 20th century, no other man could boast about forcing three major world powers out of his home country: in the 1940s he was instrumental in ousting the Japanese imperialists; in the 50s his command of the communist Viet Minh led to the defeat of the French colonialists; and in the 60s he so aggravated -to put it mildly - the United States, the greatest superpower in history, that the Vietnam War has become synonymous with trauma in the American psyche. Yet this was a man who came from very humble beginnings - working as a cook, gardener, waiter, etc. His name was Nguyen Sinh Cung, but many of you know him by another name: Ho Chi Minh - the founder of modern Vietnam. #vietnam #hochiminh #revolutionary #hanoi #history #adventure #travellust #wanderlust #travel



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