Proceedings (English)

Proceedings of the constituent meeting of the DDDL network

1. Decision to form the network

Dated 5 October 2011 the people mentioned below present in the Constituent Assembly established the European Network of Digital Literature: Digital Digital Digital Littérature (DDDL) whose objective is to promote and support the initiatives of its members in the fields of culture and research in digital literature. It aims to disseminate information about events related to digital literature, to help authors and researchers to participate in such events and to participate in the organization of cultural or university events.

The network is open to people working in digital literature as an author, researcher, or a cultural organization, whose permanent address is in one of the member countries of the European Union plus Switzerland and Norway.

2. Transient organization

The network has a decision-making committee that will ensure its control. Each country is represented in this committee by a member of the association. Each country has one voice in decision-making regardless of the number of members it has in the network. Fifteen countries are currently represented on the committee:

  • France: Philippe Bootz, Président du réseau
  • The Netherland: Patrick Burgaud
  • Belgium: Fabio de Vivo
  • United Kingdom: Jerome Fletcher
  • Italy: Giovanna de Rosario
  • Spain: Laura Borràs
  • Finland: Raine Koskimaa
  • Ireland: Michael Maguine
  • Portugal: Rui Torres
  • Norway: Scott Rettberg
  • Germany: Jörgen Schäffer
  • Slovenia: Janez Strehovek
  • Slovakia: Zuzana Husarova
  • Swiss: Roberto Simanowski
  • Sweden: Maria Endberg

This committee is responsible for proposing a mode of operation and seting up the network. The final structure will be proposed to the network in October 2012.

3. Decisions taken at the meeting

He has already now been agreed to purchase the domain and to host it at OVH. This will be done by Philippe. The first site with minimal presentation of the network and list of representatives in the various languages ​​represented in the network, will be made by Rui. Scott will open a facebook account for the network.

The network is an informal structure, that is to say, without legal substance; it has not formed a legal form in accordance with the laws of a Member State. This is an umbrella structure that will pilot de facto ​​one or more appropriate legal structures.

4. Outstanding issues: appropriate legal structures

The most appropriate legal structure for the network has been discussed. Several possibilities should be explored in terms of what is necessary for relationships with cultural organizations, and the EU, national or academic authorities:

  • Creation of a foundation
  • Structuring the network as a European association
  • Creation of a national association, rooted in one country
  • Creation of a network of associations in several countries
  • Use of current associations according to the activities of the network.

In all cases, the legal structures that will be used will be tools at the service of the network.

5. List of the members of the Constituent Assembly

  • Patrick Burgaud
  • Odile Farge
  • Alexandra Saemmer
  • Bootz Philippe
  • Fabio de Vivo
  • Asun Lopez-Varela
  • Maya Zalbidea Paniagua
  • Jerome Fletcher
  • J.R. Carpenter
  • Sandra Hurtado
  • Giovanna di Rosario
  • Laura Borràs
  • Raine Koskimaa
  • Michael J. Maguire
  • Rui Torres
  • Scott Rettberg
  • Jörgen Schäffer